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Article From Tom Mower Sr.
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Reports from Korea & Russia Scientist proclaim is immense powerful properties Chaga
According to The Korean Nutrition Society:
  1. Chaga Increases the defense reactions of an organism
  2. Stimulates metabolism in brain tissues
  3. Has an anti-inflammatory effect when used internally and externally
  4. Is an antioxidant
  5. Delays the growth of some kinds of tumors
  6. Lowers arterial and venous blood pressure
  7. Regulates the heart beat.
  8. Decreases sugar level in blood
According to The Russian Medical Academy:
  1. Positive effect on lung cancer and liver cancer
  2. Calms the nervous system
  3. Proven medically, it effects positively various stomach diseases and ulcers
  4. Stimulates the immune system
The antimutagenic action of the molecules found in chaga feeds inhibit free-radical oxidation and induce the production of interferons, which help induce DNA repair. The substances, contained in white part of birch bark contribute to the decrease of hypoxia and to increase of the stability of organism to the oxygen deficiency, being anti-hypoxant correcting the metabolism of cells

Chaga, Ganodermo or both?

Which do you prefer,chaga or ganoderma with your coffee?

Why not have the best of both, found only in Sisel Kaffe

Both chaga and ganoderma have levels of super oxide dismutase (SOD), and the powerful health/immunity ingredient Betulinic Acid but who is truly the king? Chaga ,“The king of herbs” or ganoderma “The king of mushrooms”? It doesn’t really matter because with Sisel Kaffe’ you get both combined with the premium bean for the perfect taste. What is really important is that while you enjoy the superior taste of Panamanian coffee is that the power of both chaga and ganoderma are delivering health and youth restoring nutrients with every sip.

What is super oxide dismutase (SOD)? Click Here for Details

Studies show the superiority of Chaga over other medicinal mushrooms. This fungus has the highest antioxidant level of all medicinal mushrooms. The SOD amounts of most mushrooms are between the limits of 1,400 to 1,500, while Chaga has 35,000. SOD stands for super oxide dismutase. Click Here for The Science
Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Our Chaga extract contains more than 55 times higher levels of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) than raw ganoderma reishi mushroom, 23 times higher than Agaricus Blazei, 318 times higher than Phellinus linteus, 25 times higher than Lion’s Mane mushroom, and 25 times higher than maitake mushroom.
Siberian Chaga extract contains an extraordinary amount of SOD, Superoxide Dismutase. SODs are enzymes that keep cell membranes supple and healthy. SOD enzymes decrease as we age, depending on genetic predisposition.

Betulinic Acid: Betulinic acid is a naturally occurring pentacyclic triterpenoid which has antiretroviral, antimalarial, and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as a more recently discovered potential as an anticancer agent, by inhibition of topoisomerase.[1]The anti-cancer properties of betulin or betulinic acid, is now being studied for use as a chemotherapeutic agent. Chaga contains large amounts of betulinic acid in a form that can be ingested orally. Chaga has over 100 times more betulinic acid than in Ganoderma. Chaga is perhaps the most nutritionally dense ingredient found in nature. It alone contains the full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals in greater quantities than found in other medicinal mushrooms such as Maitake Ganoderma mushroom and Shiitake mushroom put together.

To intensify the power of Chaga, as these studies of the raw ingredient compares, Sisel has concentrated the actives 50 X’s higher for immense power. Ganoderma used by Sisel is pure, 100% Certified Organic too.

Add Gotu Kola and Bacopa Extracts up to 5 X’s more concentrated and Sisel KAFFE is arguably the worlds greatest health coffee using the worlds highest flavor rated beans, according to the World Coffee Association,, the Panamanian Boquete Gesha Coffee Bean. Sisel coffee is micro-ground in a patent pending application to preserve the great flavor and health supporting properties of Sisel KAFFE, unlike virtually all MLM Coffees and those sold in retail stores which freeze dry coffee, thus the very real possibility of severely damaging or destroying properties and flavor.

Sisel KAFFE we believe is “Vastly Superior” to “all other coffees” in the world for rich wonderful flavor and immense health benefits too.

Tom Mower, President of Sisel International
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Coffee could slice your suicide risk in half

Coffee could slice your suicide risk in half!

Coffee is the world’s cheapest, safest and most effective antidepressant — and if you’re doing it right, you’ve already had your daily dose today. Experts say with whole coffee, you are feeling good and we firmly believe you are doing even better, if you have made the wise choice to use Sisel’s micro-ground (not freeze dried) Panama Boquete Coffee with its vast array of health ingredients.

Coffee is so good — even just the smell is so good — that it may stop you from taking a leap off a bridge, as new research finds it can slash your risk of suicide. The ingredient, no surprise, is caffeine — and Harvard researchers say getting the caffeine equivalent of two or three cups of coffee a day will slash your risk of suicide by 45 percent. Add a fourth cup — or more — and that risk plunges by 53 percent, according to the study of more than 200,000 men and women tracked for at least 16 years.

BUT it doesn’t seem to work with freeze dried instant … another reason Sisel chose to us its revolutionary micro-grinding technology where the actives and flavors are not driven off as with freeze dried instant coffee.

Along with perking you up, that shot of caffeine also kicks off a set of reactions in the body that ultimately causes the brain to release a blast of dopamine. That’s the “feel-good chemical” that causes you to… well… let me put it this way: Another great way to produce dopamine is with sex.

Coffee is a more office-friendly way to get that dopamine, and that’s not all it can do for your brain. Coffee drinkers also have a lower risk of Parkinson’s disease, in part because that same caffeine helps block the receptors in the brain that cause the disease to progress. And now a mystery ingredient in coffee that is natural ground and with caffeine builds clusters of brain cells. So good by Alzheimer’s researchers say if you drink 5-6 cups a day.

Think that’s good? I’m just getting percolating here — because coffee is also chock full of antioxidants that can help protect the brain and heart, slash your risk of stroke, fight off cancer and even add years to your life.

Panamanian Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean is the King of all the Coffee Beans in the world. It has the highest levels of flavor and ingredients, due to its unique species and being grown at high mountain altitudes. High altitudes produce the best coffee because more direct sunlight gets to them. A thinner atmosphere at high elevations lets in more cosmic radiation triggering a response in the bean to produce more flavonoids to protect itself this assault. Add Chaga, as the Chinese say the “King of all Plants” and Ganoderma spore extract “the King of Mushrooms, and finish it off with what is regarded as two of the most important rejuvenative herbs in Ayurvedic Medicine from India – Bacopa & Gotu Kola, for a health bomb like no other in coffee ever before created.

The result – – is the best tasting cup of coffee you probably ever had, with incredibly powerful natural health benefits.
With coffee too many people cancel out the benefits by adding sugar or chemical sweeteners. The Panama Boquete Geisha Coffee Bean has been ranked as the best tasting in the coffee world according to the world coffee association for the past 12 years. Its sweet taste comes from the type of sweet volcanic it grows in, found nowhere else in the world. A taste so sweet that sugar and chemical sweeteners are not needed or minimally, if used at all.
Sisel KAFFE is on a level that no other coffee in the world has ever attained. Sisel believes it is unquestionably the world’s greatest tasting coffee with the world’s best array of health building/supporting ingredients.

Coming soon… a sensational Sisel KAFFE weight loss version too with all of the world’s best tasting coffee and powerful ingredients added to support incredible weight loss possibilities.

Tom Mower, President, Sisel International