Chaga Forever

Article From Tom Mower Sr.
Trust the Science Trust Sisel
Reports from Korea & Russia Scientist proclaim is immense powerful properties Chaga
According to The Korean Nutrition Society:
  1. Chaga Increases the defense reactions of an organism
  2. Stimulates metabolism in brain tissues
  3. Has an anti-inflammatory effect when used internally and externally
  4. Is an antioxidant
  5. Delays the growth of some kinds of tumors
  6. Lowers arterial and venous blood pressure
  7. Regulates the heart beat.
  8. Decreases sugar level in blood
According to The Russian Medical Academy:
  1. Positive effect on lung cancer and liver cancer
  2. Calms the nervous system
  3. Proven medically, it effects positively various stomach diseases and ulcers
  4. Stimulates the immune system
The antimutagenic action of the molecules found in chaga feeds inhibit free-radical oxidation and induce the production of interferons, which help induce DNA repair. The substances, contained in white part of birch bark contribute to the decrease of hypoxia and to increase of the stability of organism to the oxygen deficiency, being anti-hypoxant correcting the metabolism of cells
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